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Providing Cash For Your Goods

In-Store Layby

You can purchase an item instore with a 20% deposit and pay off the balance within 60 days. This is great way to secure an item you want and need some time to pay for it. Ask in-store for terms and conditions.

We at Cash Providers take pride in providing top quality service in all areas of our store.

An area we excel in is lending on your quality goods; everything from electronics and jewellery to tools and golf clubs. If you don't want items back, its best to sell them.


We lend/buy on almost anything of value so in the event you need a few extra dollars, we’re here to help. We will be responsible in lending on your goods to ensure your repayments are affordable and if you sell you get the cash.

How does a loan work?

We will hold your goods in secured storage until you redeem the loan by paying both the principal and any interest accrued within a 90 day period. We currently offer a 20% discount on the interest if you redeem your goods within a fortnight. You can always extend the redemption period by making a monthly interest payment to ensure loan remains active.

How does selling an item work?

It's easy, bring item in and we'll access it to get you the highest possible value we can pay...that's it. When selling items, you need to ensure all associated add-ons are with the item to get you the highest price. In saying that, PLEASE ensure you bring remote controls, leads, chargers, cases, etc…

What you need to get instant CASH $$$:

                    (applies for loans and selling items)

– An Item of Value.

– Current photo ID – State Drivers License.

– If you do not have a drivers license you need 2 of the following forms of ID: Proof Of Age/18+ card or current passport as well as a current proof of address eg: Utility bill, HealthCare/Pension Card etc.

– You have to be 18 years old.

– Ensure your goods are in good working order.

– Remote controls are required on items that have them as well as power supplies for phones/cameras/laptops, etc.

Take-Home Layby 

You can purchase an item on layby and take the item home that day with the required deposit and banking information. Your account will be debited per the agreement we enter into.

Special conditions due apply, ask in-store for details.

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