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Loans on Goods

How does it Work?

We will hold your goods in secured storage until you redeem the loan by paying both the principal and any interest accrued. Redemption period must be done within 90 days as to not risk losing your goods,but at any time you can extend the loan by paying 1 month's interest to extend for an additional 30 days. As long as loan is current, your goods remain safe.

Use the side door for your convenience.


We currently offer a 20% discount on the interest if you redeem your goods within a fortnight.

What you need to get instant CASH:

– An Item of Value.

– Current photo ID – Drivers License.

– If you do not have a drivers license you need 2 of the following forms of ID: Proof Of Age/18+ card or current Passport as well as a current proof of address i.e.: Utility bill, HealthCare/Pension Card etc.

– You have to be at least 18 years old.

– Ensure your goods are in good working order.

– Remote controls are required on items that have them as well as power supplies for electronics/phones/laptops.

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