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Come in and check out the Store 

At Cash Providers we will try to get you the highest possible price for goods you’re looking to sell. We take pride in providing “cash deals” on the spot that make you, the seller, comfortable in selling.

We pride ourselves in buying top quality items to ensure our store has the stock others are looking to buy.

Items can be from jewellery and bicycles to guitars and game consoles. Anything you may feel has value we may be able to purchase. Please ensure you bring chargers, leads, cases, remotes, etc. of the items, as to make them complete, to get the highest possible price.

As second hand dealers, we know our inventory is created by the public selling items of value.


We understand the importance of the public trusting us in giving them the highest possible price with the understanding the item will eventually make its way to our shelves for re-sale.

Click here  for sale conditions & terms on retail sales

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